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Manju Sangraula

Dear Fellow Nurses, Medical Professionals and Respected Community Members,

The Society of American Nepalese Nurses (SANN) would like to invite you to participate in our Second Convention 2018, which will be inaugurated on Saturday, July 21, 2018, in Manassas, Virginia, USA. The focus of the event will be to expand nurses’ and other medical professionals’ networks and their development for service delivery. We aim to increase awareness by providing health screenings and motivating people to crea........

Society of American Nepalese Nurses

A nursing organization that can assemble all nurses from Nepal was a growing need in the Nepalese communities residing in the United States of America. Realizing such need and exchanging ideas among many motivated nurses from Nepal, SANN was founded on July 2, 2011. We collectively promote our professional passions, ethics, values, manners and growth for a compassionate care of patients with their specific needs.

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  • Get a 10% discount on tuition fee for SANN life members at Grand Canyon University. Please contact for more details:

SANN - 1-888-370-SANN (7266)
Yinka Ogundare - 602-300-3162
Reyna Robago - 602-639-5685

  • Get a 10% discount on tuition fee for SANN life members at Chamberlain School of Nursing. Contact SANN - 1-888-370-SANN (7266) for more details

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News and Events

First Nursing Conference on July 2, 20115/7/2013

First Nursing Conference on July 2, 2011   Dear Nurses, Reunion meeting of nurses of Nepali origin on July 2, 2011 decided to establish an organization named Nepalese American Nurses Association (NANA) in the USA. 

Second Nursing Conference on June 30, 20125/7/2013

Dear Nurses, Nepalese nursing professionals are growing day by day in the USA and for this reason, it is important for us to be connected.

Teej Celebration in 20125/7/2013

Message posted to invite community for Teej Celebration in 2012     Dear community members, The Society of American-Nepalese Nurses (SANN) is organizing a celebration of Teej festival on September 15, 2012 in Nepali Mandir Read more…

Walk for Nepal 2013 for supporting Senior Citizens’ Home Project in Nepal run by NAN (Nursing Association of Nepal)5/7/2013

Press Release of SANN about Walk for Nepal Dear respected friends and families, Happy New Year 2070!! The Society of American Nepalese Nurses (SANN) would like to express our sincere thanks to all community members Read more…

SANN celebrated “International Nurses Day” – dcnepal.com5/30/2013

The Society of American Nepalese Nurses (SANN) organized an “International Nurses’ Day”celebration on May 11, 2013 in the Washington D.C Metro area. The program was a grand success due to a great support from media Read more…

Press Release: Nurses Week May 2015, Understanding Mental Health: How it is Affected by Disasters (earthquake)5/13/2015

Press Release: Society of American-Nepalese Nurses (SANN) May 13, 2015 The interaction program “Understanding of Mental Health: How it is Affected by Disasters” on May 9, 2015, in Arlington, Virginia, organized by the Society of American-Nepalese Nurses Read more…

Understanding Mental Health: How it is Affected by Disasters (Earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015): May 9, 20155/13/2015

Understanding of mental Health:  organized by SANN This community information has been sent to you as a courtesy of Enepalese .com is a web newspaper. We update all the news ,PROGRAMS and events as quickly as possible both in Nepali and English.We accept news,publish interview ,photos Read more…

BDA and SANN Joint Convention in Dallas, Texas2/22/2016

BDA (Blood donation of America) and SANN (Society of American Nepalese Nurses) are going to have a joint convention in Dallas Texas. We would like to request all nurses, BDA members and their families from Read more…

Memorial of Maha-Bhukampa 2072 & Health Program4/20/2016

In Request of Our Community Members, Society Of American Nepalese Nurses (SANN) & Be Well Initiative (BWI) Is Hosting an event for our community to come together, & Inviting All Community Members Including Youths to Participate in Read more…

SANN Annual Convention 20174/20/2017

Please mark your calendar for annual SANN Convention 2017 from August 4 to 7. The convention will be help at Best Western Hotel in Manassas, Virginia. More details to follow soon. Contact: [email protected] for more Read more…

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