Nursing is one of the highly respected professions since it is directly related to health and care of human being. We care to real people and we make a difference in real life with our uncompromised professional passion, ethics and expertise.

We respect culture, values and unique needs of patients and their families. We motivate our members to provide compassionate and quality care dedicating to serving people in our community where we live. Our underlying philosophy is to unite, motivate and promote professional nursing practices for a benefit of mankind through SANN community. We believe interdisciplinary collaboration with other professionals for serving people primarily in health care.

SANN’s History:  A nursing organization that can assemble all nurses from Nepal was a growing need in the Nepalese communities residing in the United States of America. The task in the beginning was very informal. Nurses around DC metro area started organizing baby showers of several nurses and have nurses’ informal gathering in community picnic. That shorts of activities motivated nurses to organize for common goals and specific objectives.  Realizing such need and exchanging ideas among many motivated nurses from Nepal, we came to a final point of decision on July 2, 2011 meeting held in Washington DC metro area. Many friends from different states came to join the meeting honoring the public message about the nurses meeting and decided to form an organization of nurses with specific objectives set in the meeting. The DC meeting decided to honor all those attending nurses as the founding members of the organization.

We conducted the second general meeting in Dallas Texas on June 30, 2012. Many enthusiastic nurses from different parts of the country joined the meeting. It is understandable that majority of nurses were from Texas and many from outside made phone calls and showed their solidarity for a continual work of nursing organization. Texas meeting finalized the name of our organization as “Society of American Nepalese Nurses (SANN)” and passed its bylaws.

SANN, as an organization, can collectively promote our professional passions, ethics, values, manners and growth for a compassionate care of patients with their specific needs. As a responsible human being, nurses can make difference through SANN’s philanthropic activities especially in health and education.