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On behalf of Society of American Nepalese Nurses (SANN), I would like to announce the first Executive Committee of SANN. SANN is the not for profit organization with tax exempt status of IRS 501 c (3) organization. It was established in July 2011 and formed an ad-hoq committee to advance its immediate tasks. The Ad-haq committee accomplished its major tasks of adopting bylaws, registering the organization in the state and receiving approval of tax exempt status from IRS. This committee launched the membership drive and reached out many nurses residing in the US. We congratulate the outgoing ad-haq committee for their hard work and dedication to make the SANN as an active professional organization. The ad-hoq committee performed many tasks that are listed below:

  1. SANN has participated in the Walk for Nepal 2013 in DC and raised funds for the Senior Citizen Home project in Kathmandu run by Nepalese Association of Nurses of Nepal. SANN was highly recognized and awarded $500.00 for mobilizing largest walkers among 14 organizations in DC.
  2. SANN has been providing educational assistance for 8 children who are from poor families in Walling Shyanja, Nepal. This educational project through Uplift a Child International is dedicated to provide assistance to those needy children from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

  3. SANN has established an educational collaboration with Grand Canyon University so that 10% of the tuition fee is taken off for SANN’s life members. Many nurses are already taking advantage of this educational opportunity.

  4. SANN has been collaborating with two other organizations in the Washington, DC area to establish a Senior Citizen Center of Nepalese in Virginia and Maryland. SANN’s advisor Ms. Rita Tiwari is leading this project.

  5. SANN is expanding rapidly and it has 3 chapters in California and Texas. There are several places where other chapters are going to be established soon. Currently there are 59 life members.

  6. SANN has a partnership with the Blood Donors of America for collaborative work and is already in action in Texas and Virginia.

  7. An initiative of a nursing scholarship project for Biratnagar is in process. Some potential donors for this project are working for raising the fund and having discussions with the Nursing School of Biratnagar for its establishment and Memorandum of Understanding.

  8. SANN has donated $500.00 for the NRN building in Nepal (Thanks to Mr. Suman Timsina and Mr. Prem Sangraula for donating $250 each for SANN).

  9. SANN organizes a nurses gathering on its anniversary since 2011 onwards.

  10. Each year SANN celebrates Nurses Week with various programs. This year, Nurses Week was celebrated with a talk program on mental health relating to the psychological trauma due to the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

  11. SANN has coordinated a first aid program in different sports programs, including ANA convention.

  12. SANN has raised more than $10,000 during the last earthquake devastation and is looking for a good, health related project for those affected areas.  

  13. SANN has organized cultural programs for the Nepal embassy every year since 2011. It also coordinated cultural program at the annual general meeting of NRN in 2015. 

 SANN’s Executive Committee:
  1. President: Manju Sangraula, RN (VA)
  2. Senior Vice President: Tika Aangedembe, RN (CA)

  3. Vice President: Ishwori Adhikari, RN (CA)

  4. General Secretary: Shanta Adhikari, RN (CA)

  5. Secretary: Sangeeta Bajgain, RN (VA)

  6. Chief Outreach Coordinator: Resham Gharti, LVN (TX)

  7. Outreach Coordinator: Sita Kandel, RN (CA)

  8. Chief Webmaster: Sneha Dahal, RN (CA)

  9. Chief Treasurer: Indira Shrestha, RN (VA)

  10. Treasurer: Ranjana Dahal, RN (VA)

 Executive members:
  1. Bandana Luitel, RN (MD)
  2. Dipti Karki, RN (MN)

  3. Kalpana Satyal, RN Phd (VA)

  4. Kavita Bhurtel, RN (NY)

  5. Laxmi Regmi Sharma, RN (VA)

  6. Pooja Baidhya, RN (FL)

  7. Pragya Sitoula, RN (NY)

  8. Rojee Karki, RN (WA)

  9. Sabitri Ranabhat, RN (MC)

  10. Sarita KC, RN (TX)

  11. Satya Budhathoki, RN (WA)

  12. Seema Pokhrel Karki, RN (CO)

  13. Tara Dhungana, RN (CA)

SANN’s Advisors:

Bibha Gautam Ph.D, RN (Texas) Outreach Coordinator
Ganga Mahat, Ph.D, RN (New Jersey)
Guna Raj Subedi, MD (Virginia)
Maheshwor Baidya, MD (Maryland)
Mana Ranjit Ph.D, RN (Massachusetts)
Meena Shakya, RN, (Florida)
Renu Sharma, RN (Florida)
Rita Tiwari (Virginia)
Umesh Sharma, MD, Ph.D. (Buffalo)
Thank you so much for working together in SANN,
Manju Sangraula
President of SANN
September 1, 2015
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